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Plank Ball:

For all surfers and fitness freaks, the Homerider Plank Ball is the ideal training tool. It creates a realistic surfing feeling because you can balance in all directions. In addition, you can turn your balance board into a planktrainer by simply turning the plank ball upside down.


The Homerider Balance Cushion is the ideal training tool to familiarise yourself with balance board training. It also offers numerous possibilities for extended training, such as push-ups, squats or dumbbell training on the board.

Balanceboard rollers - Guide - Sizes / Diameter:

The smaller the diameter of the tube, the easier it is to climb and the less the board can "rock" as it is quickly back on the ground. The larger the diameter of the tube, the more challenging the ascent is at the beginning and the more freedom the board has to swing on the tube.

  • Small ("Small Wave" 8cm) - beginners, kids.
  • Medium ("Wave" 10cm and "Trick Wave" 10cm) - beginners, advanced.
  • High ("Big Wave" 14cm and "Homerider Tube" 16cm ) - board sports enthusiasts, ambitious


  • If you are standing on the board for the first time or would like to use it with your kids, for example, then the smallest cork tube, the Small Wave, is ideal.
  • The cork tubes Wave and Trick Wave are perfect all-round wheels for all boarders, whether beginner or advanced.
  • If you already have some experience in board sports or a good sense of balance in general, we recommend the Big Wave or the Homerider Tube.

For surfers and fitness freaks, we also recommend the Plank Ball.

The Trick Wave and Wave are identical in diameter (10cm) but different in length. The Trick Wave is designed for the narrower boards and the Wave for the wider balance boards. It makes sense for the tubeto always be wider than the board.

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