Questions and Answers

How can I shop at JUCKER HAWAII?   ↑ 

The items in the horizontal navigation above are our main categories. Just hover your mouse over it and you will see the dropdown menu with the sub-categories. After clicking on one of the menu items, you will see all the products of the particular category and links to sub-categories.

In the side bar you will be able to see the three products you last viewed. If you like detailed information about a product, click on the product, you will get all the information you need. Next to the product picture you have the choice to either put the product in your basket or compare the product to others. You can also ask questions about the product.

By click on the picture you can get a magnified view and change to gallery mode. Use the tabs below the product to look into further details and specifications. You can also rate the product right there in the “Rating” tab. You need a customer account to be able to leave a rating.

You can also search for a product or key word by using our search field above the main menu. Just click search or hit return on your keyboard to view the results.

How can I order at JUCKER HAWAII?   ↑ 

After you decided what product to get, you put it in the shopping cart and continue shopping. Once you are done you click on the shopping cart to review your order. (Step 1) You can modify your order in the shopping cart by either increasing the number of items or removing them completely. In case you have a coupon to redeem you can enter the code in the field “Coupon”. You can use our shipping calculator to find out how much shipping will be to your location. Once you are done you click on “Continue to your order”.

Using PayPal, you click on Direkt zu PayPal (PayPal Express). You will be routed to the PayPal page where you can pay conveniently. Once everything is done you will be routed back to our site. Billing address and delivery address will already be in place. Be sure to double check all your information, after that you confirm the order by clicking the button to confirm the order. You also have the option to send us a message along with your order. To get to the billing address you have three options (Step 2).

You can shop without registration, you can open a new customer account or you order as an existing customer. If you like to order without a customer account or if you like to order opening up a customer account, you have to complete the mandatory fields and confirm your information by clicking on the button to confirm your customer data. If you are an existing customer with an account your previously entered information will be used to complete the order.

In Step 3 you may alter your delivery address.

In Step 4 you now choose your shipping method and in Step 5 you choose how to pay, for example: PayPal PLUS with PayPal, debit, credit card and payment upon invoice or Pre-Pay by bank wire transfer. In Step 5 you will receive a detailed summary of your order and get the opportunity to ad a message to your order. You can still modify any of your order information. By clicking on the “BUY” button you legally finalize your order. You may also order via:

How can I get personal customer service?   ↑ 

If you have questions about a product or your delivery status you may call us anytime at +49 (0) 2242 9140844 or via E-Mail:

How does the product comparison tool work?   ↑ 

You can conveniently compare products of your choice using our comparison tool. Click on the “Compare” link next to the product, the product info will go to the sidebar. Continue shopping and ad as many products to your list as you like. Once you have more than one product you can click on the “Compare Items” button. You will now receive a side-by-side list of your chosen products.

How can I redeem a coupon?   ↑ 

All our coupons have a Promotional Code, enter this code in the redeem coupon field in the shopping cart in Step 1. More about how to order under: How to order.

How and when will my order be delivered?   ↑ 

All our products in stock the following applies for Germany (exept islands): All orders paid by 12:00, you will receive your package the next work day. (Monday – Friday) This is only possible if you pay by PayPal Express or PayPal PLUS with PayPal, debit, credit card and payment upon invoice, with all other payment methods we have to verify receipt of payment first. All international deliveries usually take one to four business days, after received payment by 12:00 via PayPal Express or PayPal PLUS with PayPal, debit, credit card and payment upon invoice. More information on delivery times can be found in the detail information of the individual product in our online shop or in the “Terms and Conditions” section. Off course you can also let us know when you would like to product to be delivered.

How can I review my account account at JUCKER HAWAII?   ↑ 

Click on “My Account” on top of the page, after logging in with your email and password you can alter your customer information.

How can I pay?   ↑ 

  • Pre-Pay via wire transfer
    Bank Info: Deutsche Bank
    Account No. 986695500
    Routing: 700 700 10
    IBAN: DE62700700100986695500
  • PayPal or PayPal Express
  • Credit Card (via PayPal PLUS, you don't need a PayPal account)
  • Debit (via PayPal PLUS, you don't need a PayPal account)
  • Payment upon invoice (via PayPal PLUS, you don't need a PayPal account)

At our store: Königsstrasse 19b – D-53773 Hennef (Store hours: Mo – Fri 10:00 – 18:00)
You may pay

  • cash or
  • Debit Card (EC-Cash and pin)

My PayPal window did not pop up. How can I still pay via PayPal?   ↑ 

If your browser is blocking pop up windows, there is a possibility that PayPal won’t open. This is not a problem, to pay for your order after you submitted it, just go to your PayPal account and send money to . Enter your order number and your name in the message field, so we can match the payment to the order. You and us will receive a confirmation E-Mail that the payment has been submitted. If you have further questions or problems you can find all information on or just give us a call.

For bank wire transfer use the following information:

  • Bank Info: Deutsche Bank
    Account No. 986695500
    Routing: 700 700 10
    IBAN: DE62700700100986695500
Note: Most banks take about 1 – 2 business days to process the payment. If you are in a hurry we recommend PayPal as we get a payment confirmation immediately.

How can I return products?   ↑ 

In the event your ordered item does not meet your expectation you may return your item within 14 days to this address:

Mike Jucker (Deutschland) GmbH
Koenigstrasse 19b
D-53773 Hennef

Further information on the “Right of Cancellation” you find in the Information section on the bottom of the or under Help, Complaints and Returns.

How can I receive information about New Products and Promotions?   ↑ 

Never miss the latest from JUCKER HAWAII. Just sign up for our Newsletter and you will always be informed on the latest trends.

How can I give feedback to JUCKER HAWAII?   ↑ 

We value your feedback! If you have any suggestions or constructive input please send us an E-Mail to

Who does JUCKER HAWAII guarantee the safety of my data?   ↑ 

To protect your data you entered when making a purchase with JUCKER HAWAII, we are working with the highly secure TLS (Transport Layer Security) Coding System. All data are encrypted and transmitted with 256-bit. Your personal data and trust is our liability and we guarantee a maximum of security. Further information on data protection can be found under Information on the bottom of the page in Data Protection.