Mini Cruiser and Cruiser Boards

The Woody-Boards are the alternative to the Penny Boards made from plastic. Mini-Boards are trendy and everybody loves them as a second board. This is why we have created the Woody-Boards. We are not really big fans of plastic; this is why we manufacture our Woody-Board line with Canadian maple and bamboo. The boards are assembled with high quality trucks and wheels with ABEC 9 bearings so you experience the NEVER ENDING RIDE with all our Woody-Boards. We consider the Woody-Boards some of the most beautiful and stable mini boards on the market.

In addition to the MiniCruisers, we also have some beautiful cruisers from 30 -33 inches (75 -84cm) in our range.

ENJOY YOUR RIDE! Ride on Wood(y-Boards) and say no to plastic

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