Homerider Balance Board Sets from JUCKER HAWAII

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With the Homerider Balance Boards from JUCKER HAWAII you bring the fun sport into your home! Our balance boards are not only fun for the whole family, but also a basic training tool to strengthen different muscle core areas and the ankle joints. At the same time you intuitively train your sense of balance and reflexes, which is not only important for all board sports like longboarding, surfing, SUP or snowboarding, but can also be very helpful in all kinds of situations.

The Homerider roll is one of the best-selling on the market due to its first-class workmanship.

The Homerider Balance Pillow allows the board unrestricted freedom of movement and thus offers an optimal training for leg and hip muscles.

Discover the different designs of our homeriders and find your perfect balance board.

Homerider Balance Boards from JUCKER HAWAII - Find your Balance!

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