We are very happy to introduce our new line of Skateboards. Since the beginning Skateboarding always has been our passion. Now we found the time to start developing our own line of Skateboards.

To be consistent with our looks we have decided to leave three of our boards in their natural look without any graphics. For the other boards we did two exciting co-operations with a surf artist from Hamburg and an Austrian Tattoo Studio.

On top of that we are proud to announce our first skate deck in co-operation with skate-aid. As with our longboards we are donating money to the Titus Dittmann foundation skate-aid in support of skate parks to be built in underdeveloped countries.

The range of skateboard reaches from classic street decks to pool decks with measurements between 7.75" up to 8.5". The 8.5" deck somewhat reflects our philosophy that skateboarding and longboard are growing closer in the coming years.

Enjoy Your Ride!

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